$715 per week

Five 45-minute private lessons; two hours daily practice in a private studio. Jazz theory is offered on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings for those who wish to participate.

Syntax and placement is the student’s choice.

A typical day in the program would begin with your morning or afternoon (they typically alternate) practice and lesson session, followed or preceded by (lobster for?) lunch at a restaurant on the water and a round of hiking, site-seeing, whale-watching or golfing. On Monday evenings we have a social, Tuesday and Wednesday evening we attend professional concerts and Friday is the student performance class where those who wish to perform for colleagues and friends may do so.

Persons with no experience in this medium are also welcome to enroll; it’s a wonderful way to reinforce sight-reading and an easy ensemble experience to continue when you return home.

SummerKeys, powered by a dream and a spate of good luck, opened its doors to a sell-out crowd in the summer of 1992. Since then, “music people” (For that surely describes anyone you find there, regardless of their skill level) have been coming to enjoy their instrument in the peace and beauty of Lubec.

** =limited availability

A Word from your Instructor

Kent Hewitt

Folks who find their way to SummerKeys are all extraordinary people, sharing a love of music and nature in the beauty of a charming seacoast town. I love the camaraderie of diverse individuals all coming together to make music. It is inspiring, motivating, rejuvenating, and fun.


Alan Kryszak

Music is nice
Music is nicer than people
Music floats over air to bring you another culture’s soul before you have the time to judge or fear that culture.

Music is bigger than people.
You will hear far beyond the catch phrase of the tiny part of the brain that says “be like me or go away”.

Music is deeper than people.
You will see words connected with songs: Hebraic, Christian, Tibetan Buddhist, Islamic, Hard Rock, it’s not all the same.
Music is not the same because People are not all the same.
Music will whisper to you before you can suffocate it with your parent’s baggage.
Music is louder than people.
If you listen first, the other race & other culture & other color will not have time to get in your way.


Introduction to Summerkeys

Workshop Dates

  • June 14-18
  • June 21-25
  • July 12-16(limit 5 students)
  • July 19-23 (limit 5 students)

* limited availability for that week

Jazz Piano Faculty

Alan Kryszak

Alan Kryszak

Al Kryszak is a Composer/Guitarist/Artist with 35 years of concert, silent film and visual work, released […]

Kent Hewitt

Kent Hewitt

Kent Hewitt, Jazz Piano July 13-17; July 20-24 Pianist/Composer Kent Hewitt has earned degrees from […]

SummerKeys Piano WorkShop

A Music Adventure in Lubec, Maine