At Turtle Bay Music School
244 E. 52nd Street
In New York City

You decide which week you would like to experience a WinterKeys program. The program is similar to SummerKeys’ Program …

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2018 Newsletter

Dear SummerKeys Family,

We’ve been working hard since the middle of last season to be sure that this summer’s offerings will be as exciting and unique as you’ve all come to expect.


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1. The “Cora Buenconsejo Memorial Piano Scholarship”

Donated by her mother; it covers one week’s tuition in Piano A, B or C for one student per summer.

2. The George Lelievre Memori

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Greetings, Folks!

All the signs of spring are fast appearing, if not already with us; meaning it’s time to get ready for another glorious time at SummerKeys! Of course, we’ve been laying the groundwo…

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2017 Newsletter

Dear SummerKeys Family:

Let’s do the “bad news” first: tuition will go up by $30 per week (i.e., those sessions priced at $645 in 2016 will cost $675 in 2017). This is necessary to mai…

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